10 tips to be most productive during your business travel

Are you a frequent business traveller who loves the busy, fulfilling life of travelling everywhere to negotiate your deals, but hates the lot of twists that comes with it? D you want to stay focused and productive on every trip so you take the least time to complete what’s most important? Here are 10 most amazing tips on how to stay productive during your business travel. Time is money.

Save your time deliberately

Apply for expedited travel status, program like TSA Pre✓ for US travel or Nexus, Sentri or Global Entry for international travel. The faster lanes can save you an hour at the airport. You can also avoid lines for public transportation tickets by carrying local transportation cards if you’re a frequent traveller, for example New York City metro cards or a London Oyster card.

Select your apps tactically

One problem with business travelers is that their phones are always loaded with thousands of apps. To increase your productivity, you want to rid useless apps and select the best. Keep Yelp[link], Google Maps, Major Airlines, AwardWallet, Apple Pay, and others depending on where you’re heading. You can use Heathrow Express for London airport transportation, or Busbud if you’re taking buses to travel between some close, major cities.

Book Wisely

Spending the whole day research for the cheapest hotel near your conference location? Checking forever on Yelp, Hotels.com and OpenTable to find the best place you might visit if you just happen to have extra time after the meeting? Before you leave for a new locale, there’s always a lot of things you’d look into. We as business travellers make most choices based on price, but apart from that, it’s always to choose your priorities and put them first. Did you want a train with fewer stops so you can arrive in early or a cheaper, but more stops train route doesn’t matter as you plan to get a lot done on the train? Select what’s important for you and book wisely beforehand.

Choose your to-do project lists carefully

Some planes offer wifi service but they might be costly; some routes take a long drive but there might be strong service. Choose when to complete your wifi required to-dos and when to schedule calls. You’ll be able to take off half your to-dos during a day of travel especially if you take the last hint with this one.

Eat and sleep accordingly

Keep a healthy, high functioning body is essential to keep your productivity boosts high up. On the plane, remember to keep yourself hydrated. Instead of eating greasy snacks, turn to convenient but healthy foods like these.

Charge everything completely

Before the night of departure, you should charge everything – your phone, laptop, ipad, kindles completely. Charge the essentials that you will need during your trip, and put them beside your wallet and keys somewhere extremely visible. You want to make sure that during your waits you have computer don’t die on your most important document. You’ll find great piece of mind and productivity knowing that you have the battery power you need to make calls you have scheduled.

Pack Strategically

You should always know what to pack in your suitcase, and how to pack them. Pack toiletries with less than 3.4oz of liquids in a clear bag to speed up security checks, following the 3-1-1 rule. Have a list of essentials that you can pack accordingly to every time to ensure nothing is missed out.

Dress Nicely

“When flights are oversold [in economy class], sometimes gate agents will pick people to upgrade based on whether they’re dressed well, or if they were nice to someone when they checked in,” George Hobica says. “They’d much rather sell you an upgrade for $100 or $200 rather than give it away to a frequent flier,” he said. Believe it or not, you’ll actually get served better if you dress nicely, and if you happen to lose you luggage on the way, you won’t end up in a meeting in jeans too.

Simply make use of the concierge service

Concierges could be your best travel assistant on any business travel you’re making. They are able to offer you the best recommendations in town without you wasting time on multiple apps to research for information. They can take care of things that you don’t have time to care about. Plus, they offer multiple perks and discounts that you might never have heard about! Travel assistants are becoming the new trend of business travel. Be one of the first-movers!


For most frequent business travellers, working & travelling at the same time is inevitable. However, with the tips above, you can always avoid counterproductivity and make the most of your journey.