2017 Checklist or How to Start off the year on the right foot (for Concierge Business)

As we kick off the New Year 2017 this is often the question we face. Will it be THE YEAR? How can I do something different from last year? How can I get better? Are there new horizons out there for me to conquer? I want to say, it is up to you! While the beginning of the year should not be the reason you start fresh, it is definitely the opportunity to reflect on what worked and what didn’t, the key learnings as well as the new goals and objectives.

But knowing how to do something different can be difficult. Where do I start, how do I go about it and what should I be doing that’s different?

1- List all your achievements, successes and failures of 2016

Now is a great time to review the status of your company, your customer base, segment them into groups and identify who were your best and most profitable customers in 2016. This might just give you a better picture of your company profitability and see what would be worthy of your time in the next 12 months. Why it matters:

“Your time is your currency and you want to make sure you spend it well before you go broke.”

2- Set up smart objectives and measure success with the right metrics

The mistake most of us do is to come up with random numbers to set up goals. Its great to have big objectives but its better when they are realistic. “How can I buy a yacht before the end of the year?” or “How much do I need to be making by the end of the year?” Start with your top goals and break it down by quarterly milestones, then monthly execution goals and finally set your weekly to daily tasks. Scheduling daily tasks without the big picture is like going outside without a destination in mind. (This could only work when on vacation 😉

Now, that you set up your objectives, link them with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Those will be the metrics that will help you evaluate factors that are crucial for your success. Doing this exercise might also help you focus on what matters for the success and profitability of your business. It could be the number of new requests, new clients or visitors on your your website.

So by working backwards, you can start to list specific actions and link each of them with specific metrics to measure and analyze success. That will help you focus on your goals and prevent you for spending your Currency (your time) on stuff that won’t.

3- Make sure your business is listed on all the main Search Engine online.

Here is a link that reference a list of the main Search Engine. I’ll definitely recommend the free one and other specialized Concierge listing.

Depending on the size of your business, I will not recommend to pay for listing unless it has proven a good return on investment. So if you pay for a listing, make sure you can track the traffic coming from this website.

In the meantime, claim your business on Ask PAM for free to start receiving requests from our corporate partners. Your application will be reviewed by one of our team member.

4- Evaluate your presence online

Before you do any / all of the above, why not analyze your online presence as of today. Open your browser in a “private window” and search for industry key-words to see on what page you appear. Remember that your client will not necessarily search for Concierge Service. (You should make a list of those keywords if not done yet). If you need help with that, feel free to book a free call with me to understand better how people look for Concierge Services online.

5- Track and monitor your website / social media traffic.

This is key to understand the impact of your effort online. It might seem overwhelming at first but once it is set up, you just have to monitor.

For ex: if you had 50% visitor growth last month, you want to understand what brought that traffic that converted into new clients, so you can do it better the following month. Maybe it was that funny post on Facebook or just the fact that you add your company on a listing or just that LinkedIn article you posted. I can guarantee that luck has nothing to do with your future success.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any specific question on that subject.

6- Start a list of networking events for the upcoming months.

Check your local meetup website (Ex in New York) and other specialized associations. You should be able to find all their upcoming events listed. Also check your local Conference Center(s) and add the major Conferences to your calendar. Don’t forget to add a reminder at least a month prior, this could bring some new opportunities.

My list to kick off the new year is way longer but this will keep you busy for a little while.

In the meantime, you can always book a free 30 minutes call if you have any questions. I always ask Concierge to come prepare with question(s).

Don’t forget to register now for our next webinar on How to plan a Social Media Campaign for Small Concierge Businesses.

2017 will definitely be a great year for the Concierge Industry and I want you to be part of this revolution. Starting “yesterday”, don’t be afraid to dream, try new things, innovate and even fail sometimes because …

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” — Robert F. Kennedy