5 Top Concierge Behaviors through Technology Transition

Since Ask PAM launched a few months ago with this crazy idea to make a difference in the Concierge & Hospitality Industry, it’s been a great success. We wanted to share with you the different type of Concierge behaviors we encounter  during the Transitional Changes in various Hotels & Organisations, going from legacy tools to Ask PAM can. Here is our top 4:

  • The Early Adopters/ Innovators: They are the ones that welcome us with the biggest smile. Smelling the innovation coming their way and willing to take risks, they are for the most part the youngest in age (but not always). Innovators usually stick together and because they are a minority, they tend to be misunderstood by the mass. They envision all the possibilities and opportunities that come with the innovative product presented to them, and this makes them incredibly enthusiastic. They go above and beyond, are extremely efficient and don’t settle for less than stellar. We truly love them and they don’t even know how precious they are to us.
  • The Enthusiasts: They warmly embrace a leader’s call for change, as they see opportunities in that change. They not only consider opportunity to be a natural next step in the life of their organization, but also tend to agree to everything and anything, only seeing the positive points until they have to go through the painful process of change. When this happens, it’s already too late, so they have to go through the process with a smile. Because they understand that change is necessary to an organization’s survival, they act as leaders and motivate the rest of the team with positive comments. We admire these individuals’ willing to leave their comfort zone for the success of the organization.
  • The Ambivalents: Some Concierges may remain neutral or even slightly positive to change. The Ambivalents or septics will follow the lead of the Enthusiasts [Not the Innovators as they will just see them as Crazy]. If the Enthusiasts manage changes effectively, they may actually enroll them and make them their new ambassadors in the new procedures, especially if they observe commitment from their peers, receive rewards and recognition from upper management and feel that they are part of the success of their Organization. We simply love to push them a little bit.
  • The Sceptics: Fear being a common human reaction to any sort of change, Concierges are highly prone to being instilled with it when change comes their way. It will manifest in questions about job quality and error ratio that might affect the customer satisfaction and experience [all excuses to escape]. In addition, when their fear is severe, some Concierges may refuse to believe they are capable of making the change or develop strong headaches/health concerns due to panic or stress. Our role is therefore to rebuild a lost Self-Confidence.
  • The Resistants: Changes to the status quo can spark high level of hostility from the Concierge, sometimes. This will be expressed with emotional outburst where they will only blame the new solutions and processes as an excuse to stop right away. Worst-case scenario, gossip and backstabbing will sabotage change efforts. A great management would be the only option to successfully go through the transitional phase.

Which one are you or will be when changing to Ask PAM?