8 hacks to make your business travel magically easier

If you’re a frequent business traveler, you know how it can sometimes be a headache. Some people travel frequently because they have to; others do it because they love to. No matter which one you are, here are 8 amazing hacks to make your trips magically easier.

  1. Always choose a “non-stop” flight over a “direct” flight

Believe it or not, there are a lot of confusions between the two, they are not the same thing. A non-stop flight is just what it says, a single trip flight to your destination; while a direct flight makes at least one intermediate stop between your departure and destination locations, though you have the same flight number and you don’t necessary have to get off the plane. Business travellers usually prefer non-stop flights over direct flights because they are the fastest but they are also the most expensive.

  1. Work in advance

This really means: plan ahead. If you’re driving down another town and you know you won’t be able to get any work done during the drive, schedule your calls. If you know you’re going to spend a day without wifi, complete in advance documents that need wifi to prepare. If you’re not motivated enough to spend a few hours the night before your trip, think through the best and worst case scenarios and understand how life will be much smoother and easier that way.

  1. Be loyal to your brands

Business brands, especially travel organizations, love loyalty programs. They strive to give you the best perks if you declare how much you need them. Once you get an elite status, that is more than a few perks and upgrades that comes with it. Try narrowing down your airlines or hotel chains to a few, or at last getting a rewards credit card – these might save you a lot money in the end.

  1. Clever use of apps to track your points & miles

When you are an elite user of so many different organizations because you travel so frequently, you might want something that helps your keep track of your points and miles, so you know how to optimize these past benefits in your future travels. In fact, there are quite a few good resources out there. You can sign up for a miles tracking app like the AwardWallet or Tripit Pro. You should know that your points and miles are worth money, and worth good money if you know how to redeem them.

  1. Make use of the tennis ball

“Bring a tennis ball with you when you are traveling,” suggests Brian Povinelli, Global Brand Leader for Westin and Le Meridien. “It’s great to roll under your feet and even under your thighs to keep you from getting stiff/sore. It’s small, inexpensive and easy to replace.”

  1. Get flights upgrades by booking an economy ticket with a Y or B booking code

According to TravelNerd.com‘s Amy Lee, frequent flyers are easily accessible to flight upgrades if you request this booking code when you book a plane ticket. “This means that the ticket will be full fare but you will receive a complimentary upgrade if there are open spots in the next class of service,” Lee says. You will usually receive the news of upgrade within 24 hours of your next flight.

  1. Develop your perfect jet lag cure

The jet lag is a nightmare for a lot of business travellers. First, keep yourself hydrated, the dehydration on the plane may make you feel fatigue. Avoid alcohol, and avoid naps, try to keep a routine that is in line with the local pace. However if you’re taking a plane to Europe for a single meeting, it’s better to stay in your home zone. That been said, everyone has their own conditions and you should try out several methods before determining what works best for you. Pills, juices, stretching, power naps are all methods that works differently on business travellers. Let us know what’s your best jet lag hack.

  1. Use a concierge service

If you still don’t know, the concierge is your best friend in every city and if it is not make sure he becomes that buddy of yours as soon as you step in the hotel.

He is the one who will make sure you have the best experience during your business especially when it goes wrong. They will advise you and recommend you the best spot depending on your specific needs but not only. They also provide you a lot of different perks unique to the concierges.

And if you don’t have a Concierge in your hotel or place you are staying in, you can always download Ask PAM and get the top concierges expertise and knowledge…soon available in every major cities.