A Behind-the-Scenes Peek at our Recent Social Media Webinar!

Last week marked a huge personal success for me: we pulled off our first official webinar. I did it, we did it, and now it’s time to share the full story, the behind-the-scenes work that went into the hour-long webinar that you can watch here. Don’t miss it–you’ll learn everything you need to know about Social Media for Concierges.

Personal challenge: Social Media is not my forte!

For at least two reasons, social media is not my strongest suit, and this obviously created a challenge for me when planning a social media webinar!  Unlike many people, I haven’t been a huge user of social media. Personally, I am not a big fan of sharing private information and experiences. I prefer to enjoy the moment rather than document it. While I will likely never be a social media personality in my own right, I’m starting to understand the great benefits of using it professionally, and I’m excited to share this journey with you.

The second reason for my personal distance from social media is the way in which I started working as a concierge. I learned to use discretion early on by making mistakes that cost a lot. Our clients are not paying us to hang out on social media, and when you are working with high-profile clients, they certainly don’t want people (whether personal or professional relationships) to know how they are spending their time or where they are in the world. And even when we think we’re being discreet and not showing a client’s face in photos, it is often easy enough to put clues together and figure out who we’re working for.

I guess I am  a mix between  “The Social Luddite” and “Social Inspirer” when it come to my Social Media personality type. Just take the test to know which one you are! As a result, I am definitely not up to date.  


So…Why did I create a Social Media Webinar?

I am fully aware that the world has changed, and I’m not even that old–I am convinced ;).

In our mission to grow the largest community of concierges and lifestyle managers, I realized that the traditional methods that I knew best were not an option.  After looking at what was working in my industry and profiling the people who were getting the most traction, I realized it was their constant online presence that was benefitting them… not necessarily bringing big value, but being consistent.

I know I will never use social media in that way, but having built many relationships over the years with my fellow concierges, I wanted to leverage this asset and use it to our collective advantage.  I wished to expand opportunities for talking, helping, advising my peers everyday and getting as much from them as I share myself. But I became really busy with work, and most importantly, I realized that we all have the same issues.  So I made a decision…I wanted to be online only if I could bring value, not just showing my face, but also sharing the benefits of these relationships and learning experiences with the greatest number of people.

This is what I do best. I am learning, improving and perfecting my social media skills to promote my business, so I might as well not be selfish and use that experience and knowledge to achieve my purpose. It is a WIN-WIN.


How did I find Jakub, our Social Media Guru?

Once I resolved to create a means of sharing these skills, I had to find the right person who would understand the challenges of concierges and who would be willing to help take the time to develop this project. I began by researching potential social media experts, reaching out to them all over the world: London, Sydney, Boston, New York.  I found a few people who were interested, but I didn’t feel a connection. I wanted someone I could trust at first sight.

I am currently in Montreal, and over a coffee in the co-working space I work from, I mentioned my project and quickly got a referral from someone in the same space. Yeah, it turns out I didn’t have to look too far. I talk to Jakub over the phone the same day and instantly felt a connection. He was authentic, honest and just himself. That is exactly how I want concierges to feel and use social media.

So, Jakub it was. And in just a week I found myself a great friend and learned so much. After just a short time consulting with him, I’m deeply enthusiastic and feel that the sky’s the limit with social media and concierges. And I hope that is exactly the way you will feel after working with him!  Best of all, beyond just the addition of his great energy and inspiration, the results  were absolutely out of this world.


The process

After our first brief discussion, Jakub definitely did his homework. He researched the industry and its presence online. He asked me lots of questions and then came back to me with a plan. We had just a week to promote the event, and he proposed that for three days, we test three different strategies. I thought it was too much at first, as I wanted to dive directly into it. But those three days were essential to gain the results we had.

(Warning–technical social media details coming.  If this isn’t your thing, feel free to skip to the next section!) We first made twelve different targets , and then and we reduced them to seven. We tested them for three days with a pre-determined budget. Based on that testing period, two strategies stood out, and we therefore focused on those two and continued analyzing data and improving things. Our cost was exceptionally low compared to the average cost, and we  – reached over 200,000 people and had over 5,000 views for our little promo video. I’ve never done anything like that before!

We were disappointed by the number of signups, which was just over 100, but we tested different ways to get people to sign up. One of our problems might have been the form, its length, and the fact that it required participants to leave the site.  This part still needs to be improved.

But the most exciting result of this process is that 70% of our sign-ups showed up, which is a very strong percentage.  The concierges who signed up were very interested.  And we managed all of this in less than a week. There is so much I want to test now!


What’s next?

I am convinced now that I am not an expert in social media. I am a great concierge, a good entrepreneur, but as for digital marketing/social media, I still need to learn the basics.  I’m making mistakes as I go…like doing my first live video on Instagram, *not realizing* I was live! Clearly, I need to continue to consult the experts who know best how to help us grow our businesses.

My fellow concierges, we are indeed super heroes who make the impossible possible, but we still need a little help sometimes. So be ready to see me more and more as I step up my social media game…. with the help of Jakub, the expert I needed. I’m excited for all the things to come, including my forthcoming podcast to share my regular amazing conversations with concierges and other great personalities. I have great guests lined up, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!