introducing Ask PAM

Pam from Ask PAM - Introduction 2k17

Pam Alfred is the Founder and CEO of Ask PAM, a productivity management platform and community network for Concierges. Pamela accumulated 10 years of experience in the Hospitality and Concierge industry and she is now on a mission to empower…

Montreal Exclusive: Business Lunch To Impress

On the business battlefield, every move matters. From something as insignificant as the choice of a restaurant, for a business lunch it can be the key to your successful negotiation of the deal. As we know, there is always an emotional part…

10 tips to be most productive during your business travel

Are you a frequent business traveller who loves the busy, fulfilling life of travelling everywhere to negotiate your deals, but hates the lot of twists that comes with it? D you want to stay focused and productive on every trip so you take the…