What to do during a gray, gloomy summer day in Montreal?

When Summer plays hide-and-seek with us, we can either curl up with a great book or binge-watch Netflix at home or still enjoy every bit of the summer season. Here is our list of Indoor Activities to do this summer in Montreal. The sun will (probably) come out and finally stay at least until the official end of Summer, until then...

The 5 Best Parties to Attend for the Canadian Grand Prix 2017

Start planning your Canadian Grand Prix weekend. We've put together a list of the best parties to help you make up your mind. Rest up because this weekend is going to be one long endless day of thrilling races, celebrity parties, booming music and great food.

Come Aboard, Everyone! BOTA BOTA

This Summer, Bota Bota Spa-On-The-Water is offering various activities where pleasure and relaxation come together to procure a unique experience to all passenger aboard! See their full Summer program.

Breaking into a Vault – Now can do in Montreal!

You might have missed the VIP launch of the new club La Voûte, but don’t worry, you will have the opportunity to spend some of the best nights in this very unusual yet extravagant spot that will surely impress you.

Summer in Montreal and all roads lead to the terraces!

We all know that Montreal summers are way too short and go by way too fast so why not make the best of every moment. Enjoy a cocktail, snack or even a meal on any one our new amazing terraces.

For Mother’s Day, You & I for Afternoon Tea? At the Ritz-Carlton Montreal

Treat your mum to an afternoon tea at the Ritz - Not only because they're pretty specials but nothing says "I love you" better than a a pampering and fancy experience like an afternoon tea in one of the most iconic five star hotels in Montreal.

Cirque du Soleil New Show is all about Freedom - VOLTA

Last week was the World Premiere for VOLTA by Cirque du Soleil in Montreal and They took off very strong with a powerful message of Freedom, a subject that is rather pertinent in the time we live in.

A Piece of Heaven for Men [but not only] - CLOAKROOM

One of life's luxuries is having one less thing to worry about, and Cloakroom is all about that life [for Men]. Maison Cloakroom is a one of a kind establishment located a few streets away from WeWork PVM, right in the heart of the Golden Mile Square on Rue de la Montagne. But what is Cloakroom? A barber, a high-end tailor shop or a secret cocktail bar…Why choose when you can have it all. That’s right, Cloakroom is all at once, Heaven for men but women can enjoy too.

The New Vegan Spot for Everybody - LOV

LOV, which recently opened (December 2016) just a few minutes walk from PVM, corner of Mcgill and Notre Dame is one of this rare place that make you feel so comfortable that you never want to leave unless you have to. Whether you are going there for a business meeting, catching up with friend or mum, a romantic first date or to grab a bite or a coffee solo. Lov is the place!