Do Concierges Collaborate?

Do Concierges Collaborate?
Collaboration within the concierge industry is too broad and intriguing a subject to reduce to a single post. This is the first of our series of concierge interviews and industry updates. Enjoy, and stay tuned…

PART 1 : Concierge magic or collaboration


It might be news to many people, but, concierges do collaborate. In fact, collaboration is the essence of the concierge industry. It is what makes concierges seem like Magicians.

But the magic is that we are great at getting things done. I’ve worked as a concierge in various industries across the world, before I realized that the industry sorely lacking in technology. That’s why I launched Ask PAM, a productivity management tool for the concierge industry. And after pitching the business to investors, journalists and clients, I’ve noticed that I’m always answering the same question. This question reveals that less than 10% of the population know exactly what the role of a Concierge is. That’s right. Most people don’t actually know what concierges do.

I used to assume people understood the role of concierge, or at least the benefits of using one. But it was not until I explained the #ConciergeMagic or #ConciergeSuperPowers to them. And this is a problem because I am still talking to Concierge daily who don’t realize that.

Not only do most people not understand the job concierges do, but they have a false impression of the type of people we are. Many assume that a concierge is this “snobby” guy who keeps his Rolodex locked under his pillow.

Clearly that Rolodex, or what I like to call the Black Book, is vital to the trade. It contains numbers of the most important people in the city, niche market or industry. Even when he doesn’t have the answers, the concierge will certainly know how and where to find them. You know the old saying:“It’s not what you know, but who you know”. The relationships built and cultivated over the years are what make this Black Book so valuable. Yet it’s the concierge himself that makes the impossible possible. He’s the reason the Black Book has any value at all.

This Black Book is the result of a relentless lifestyle and hours of building relationships. It reflects years of experience dealing with challenging, unusual sometimes impossible situations.

For instance, when I was working in London, I had to find a Villa for my clients in Miami. I was not very familiar with the different areas and trendiest spots in the city, so what was I to do? Or how about the time when I didn’t know who to contact for the first Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, or when I was struggling to book a hotel room for VIP clients, or even to find a Belavi Massage Therapist on a Friday night for the next morning…

Who came to my rescue? Who helped me succeed? You’ve got it. Other concierges!

Collaboration is the key to the concierge’s success.

In Fact, Les Clefs d’Or (Pronounced Lay Clay Door) is THE worldwide community of the best hotel concierges working at four-star and five-star hotels. It is the first and only prestigious community of Professional Hotel Concierges, established more than 60 years ago, in 1952.

Les Clefs d’Or formed when nine countries decided to join forces to become stronger, and remains the most exclusive members’ club for some of the best Hotel Concierges Worldwide.

So why does collaboration matter? For those who still need convincing, concierge service at hotels benefits every guest. Concierges can provide them with outstanding experiences as simply as giving advice or help to a best friend. They are always available, and always have a solution. The concierge is truly your new best friend.

And this is not only magic; it’s made possible through collaboration with peers within a city and across the world.

In fact, Les Clefs d’Or’s motto is “Service Through Friendship”. This friendship is what enables members to assist international travelers and tourists no matter where they are. The community is still very exclusive, with fewer than 5000 members spread over 45 countries.

Ask PAM want to take this concept to another level when Concierge collaboration will help redefine the way Concierge deliver outstanding experience.

I hope that you have now a better understanding of the importance of collaboration amongst Concierges, as it is at the heart of what started the Clefs d’Or – And if you are yourself a Concierge, join the Ask PAM Community and keep spreading the #ConciergeMagic.


Still not Convinced? Feel free to comment or ask any questions below.

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