Hospitality Industry needs to be “ahead of the curve”

In the hospitality industry nowadays, it’s not about what’s “hot today”, but rather about “how can we be ahead of the curve”.
The hotel industry is an industry that evolves quickly yet slowly at the same time… While hotels have been very efficient at adapting on the front-end to changing consumer behaviors, they have fallen behind when it comes to technology. Despite this, hotel staff still manages to do an amazing job with the antique tools they have at their disposal. So while it’s interesting to watch this industry evolve through times, there is one constant and it’s the constant of change.

Disruptors such as Expedia or Airbnb are always here to keep the traditional hospitality industry on their toes and hence force its evolvement. This is the reason why so many new tools focusing on better management exist today.  Tools like Ask PAM help hotels keep track of a key department, one that has for the longest time been ignored in the changing/adapting process, but that can’t be ignored any longer.

In this era where numbers are everything we must take advantage of the wave. Ask Pam is a tool that can be integrated pretty easily and that will give Hotels and Concierges crucial information that can help better answer the needs of guests and improve their overall experience, providing more insights about clients and their habits. Amongst its various uses, Ask Pam will allow you to compile different stats and draw a precise picture of your clientele and its desires. It is a well-known fact that the department most in contact with the public is the concierge department. They have a close relationship with the hotel’s customers. They’re the forefront of the hotel. If we could use all that knowledge and convert it into some measurable data, we would be trendsetting.

Ask Pam is the wave that the hotel industry needs to take advantage of, before it becomes the tsunami that we’ll have no choice but to accept!

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