The amazing perks of using a concierge that you never knew about

You are a frequent traveller. You go to different cities every year and you live in different hotels. You know what a concierge is but you never use them or not as much. You think you are fine with your travel life like that but you are not. There are far more things you could take advantage of to get the most out of your travel, to focus on what’s most important for you in that trip. And there are far more things you can get for FREE by simply using a concierge service but you never knew.

Free upgrade at the hotel when booked through your personal concierge

The most privileged business travelers are part of Elite program like Amex Travel, Virtuoso, leading amongst many others  but even with all the benefits that they offer, there is nothing better than being recommended by a concierge of the hotel thanks to the network of concierge that works together like a family. What’s better than that?

Complimentary drinks at the restaurant

Restaurants love concierges because they are the best ambassador for them. A concierge knows you like a friend; they want you to always have the best experience in the city for the limited amount of time you have. They want to provide you the most local, fulfilling experience, and food is a big part of that. The concierge gives you the best, despite whether they’re on city guide or not. And – because you were referred, the restaurants are most likely to treat you as a VIP with a bonus on top: a welcome drink, a delicious dessert, or simply the best table in the room.

VIP access for sold out events

So here you are, just finished an amazing deal with a business partner that deserves to be celebrated upon. You want to think of places but you just have no clue, this is not your city. Yes, the Rolling Stone are giving an exclusive concert that same night and you find out hours before the show but clearly the tickets have been sold out for months. Take out your phone(#AskPAM), and simply tell a concierge and he will make miracles for you and your clients. Not only he can make the impossible happen but he will also make the best recommendations even if you didn’t ask for it. I’m sure there is a lot of other fun things in town you just don’t know about. They simply want to treat you a memorable experience – something to remember and love about the city.

Last minute booking for restaurant that has to be reserved months in advance

You always have in every city restaurants that only AMEX can get because AMEX has ONE reserved table for their customers. But it is not always guaranteed – there are millions of AMEX users worldwide. Try your concierge. They certainly have a stronger relationship with the restaurant owners, the waiter or someone to get you that table in that specific restaurant.

Upgrade for anything upon availabilities (Car rentals, entertainment tickets, etc)

Everybody who once used a concierge, loves the concierge. The type of requests could vary from renting a car, sending flowers, using a local courier service, fixing or cleaning your suit doing shopping for your kids to treating a VIP client of your business, there is no limit to what you can ask for a Concierge (as long as it is legal and moral). And, to gain trust and customer relationship, a concierge always want to provide their clients with the best or more. They know that an unexpected upgrade are the sprinkles on a Sundae for any trips one makes. With their networks, it is almost too easy to get you a concert ticket with VIP access, an upgraded car at rental, or… okay, we don’t want to ruin the surprises.


Know what is best for you at a specific time, location and situation is what we do best and  everyday, and mixing that with best local expertise of the city, that’s the Concierge. Tell us about what you know and think about the concierge industry, we want to know.

This is a shame that our industry is so misperceived by most.

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