Small Concierge Businesses: How to get more clients?

Live Webinar for Concierges - How to get more clients

Following up our first webinar for small Concierge Businesses, I would like to thanks all the Concierges who were able to make it. For those who couldn’t find  below the recap.

[Due to some technical issues, I will re-do this webinar and publish a better version shortly but in the meantime, here is the recap with some great resources and links]

See below my personal advice for small Concierge Businesses who are looking for Clients: 

1 – Know that your potential clients are not looking for Concierge Service but a specific service or experience 

2 – Start asking yourself the obvious questions 

-What is your special power? 

-Who need you the most? Who are your clients? Who are they exactly? Age, profession, income, activities, etc? 

-Where can you find them? 

-Is there competitions? 

3 – Use the Lean Business Model Canvas –  don’t spend time writing [useless] business plan at the beginning. This will help you better structure your strategy.

4 – Once you find your niche market, focus on it(only) until you become the expert.

-it is too tempting to get distracted but you rather be the leader in one market than number 2 or 3 or 4 in different market.

-If a client makes request outside your domain of expertise, allied with one of your peers and established partnerships that could include shared commissions.

5 – Become an expert to get noticed. Don’t be shy!

Whatever your speciality is, you want to become the person of reference, the expert in this domain. To get started you could write blog posts or publish  videos that target potential clients. E.g. If you are a specialized Concierge in Maternity services – you might want to share article such as the “7 tips to prepare for maternity leave”. Don’t hesitate to share your knowledge and be patient with the results. It might take a little bit of time before you see some traction coming from those channel. You have to keep sharing this content on your social media or other forum. You can link this to some other related articles or as you answer question on Quora. (Those are just a few examples amongst many others) 

6 – Have a “clean and clear” presence online and offline: Sometimes its better to have no website at all than a outdated or unprofessional website. Today it is very easy to create your own beautiful and simple website using Wix or WordPress

If for some reasons you cannot have a website right away, write some articles or build a complete profile on your social media ( If it makes sense with your target market). Make sure that the message is clear and concise. Too much information might not be in your favour sometimes. As concierge we also need to look like we are in control even when we are not, so think about that when you go to event and represent your company. First impression matters!

7 – Networking should take half of your day while you looking for clients. It seems a lot but it is essential at the beginning to understand better your market, interact with your potential clients and learn from them to better adapt your message. If you can’t find any networking event in your area, this will be a great opportunity to create one. This has been very powerful for us. And if you feel like it will be too much work, you could join forces with partners or suppliers. 

8 – Referral is the best best to grow your client base at low cost and with minimum effort. All you have to do is deliver a great service to your existing clients and incentivize them to reffered you to people in their circle. You could also automate the referral system with more technical skills. (to be discussed in another webinar)

9 – Build a stronger Concierge Community in your area with Ask PAM, a global Concierge community network that will allow you to better manage your workflow, clients, requests and database. Ask PAM also give you access to a community of Concierges where you can  share your expertise. As we grow the community we intend to open it to Hospitality organization to help you grow your business. Get started now by signing up for free if you are not yet on Ask PAM network.

Some good resources [to be completed]

Lean Canvas to create your first Business Model Canvas, an actionable and entrepreneur-focused business plan.

•Website [Wix.com | Wordpress.com] to create website or blog page.

Medium  to publish Content – It could be use a Your blog page

VistaPrint to print business card, flyers or any other promotional material 

•Social Media [hootsuite.com | buffer.com] to schedule, publish and analyze all your posts in one place 

The Concierge Society a platform for new or established Concierge businesses that provide update resources of information designed to support, inspire and motivate Concierge. From webinar, to template, Coaching sessions and e-books… this represent a wealth of information for Concierges.

A Small World a private international lifestyle club and online social networks. 

Veritamo a marketplace that connects Businesses In High-End Hospitality, Lifestyle Management, Leisure and Luxury Travel Industries

Our next webinar will be on how to set a social media campaign. If you have any other specific subject you would like me to address, feel free to send me a request. 

In the meantime, I’ll be at your disposal if you have any questions. 

Stay tuned!