What’s New in Ask PAM – Feature Roll-Ups – December 2016

The Ask PAM team keep pushing out new features, improvements and bug fixes several times per day to make sure you(Concierges) has the most flawless experience while using Ask PAM.

Up until now, we haven’t done a great job of keeping you informed on our blog. Let’s fix that. We’re excited to introduce a new series called Feature Roll-Ups.

Every month we will highlight all the improvements we’ve launched, so you can easily stay up-to-date on what’s new. Take a look at what we launched up to December 2016.


Collaboration is becoming more transparent and instant with our new – Internal Chat – that allow you to send a direct live and instant message to other team member.


We added the new – Notification – across Ask PAM that help you see all the changes and new requests made while you were away from the platform.

notification-Feature_Ask PAM

In the Task Management, you can now create a sub-task from a primary task or request. In other words, you can better manage task group as the request change.

In the same category, you can now add a “follower” (another team member) to a task that will get notified if any modification is made.

Task Management Feature


The Library is evolving so fast that soon it’ll become your “GO TO DAILY” for anything you need. You can now share your library with publicly with other members. What a better way to get notice, share your knowledge and collaborate.

On top of that, you are now able to create a public profile page, so people know exactly who you are and what are your “Super Power”.



And with the integration with Google, you can now share your item per city and create new suppliers with the information already available in Google Places. You just need to add your special touch!

share-choose-city_Feature Ask PAM

You can manage your event list straight from your Calendar. It never been so easy to edit or modify any tasks, request or event directly from your Calendar view.  Looking for something specific, you will be able to filter your daily, weekly or monthly agenda by clients, tasks status and much more.

edit-event-calendar-Feature _Ask PAM

You can be part of an association, an organization or a hotel and even run your own business on the side and use the same platform because you can now link different accounts in one click and share your library across platform.

link-account_feature_Ask PAM


Thanks for all the feedback we get from you every day! We truly appreciate you helping us build a better product. Talk to you next month!

The Ask PAM Team