Why CONCIERGE is the best job in the world

There’s nothing in life that surprises a concierge. The most professional concierge deals with challenging yet rewarding requests from their clients on a daily basis, and the best concierge, loves the adventurous life the job brings. That is why we did an interview with our CEO, Pamela Alfred, on her journey and unexpectable days of being a concierge.

Q: First, tell us a little about yourself as a concierge and how the job kills.

A: With over 7 years of experience as a concierge, I feel very lucky to have discovered the world of concierges in a very early stage of my work experience. I still am passionate just like the first day I started, and I was 6 years old if my memory is correct. Yes, 6 years old, and already a big sister, I was in charge of getting things done, smart and efficient I WAS.

But back to Pam, the Concierge, it is always an interesting, exciting and also challenging routine, it’s not like what you see in the movies but there are quite a lot of up-and-downs you won’t expect coming everyday. But I am one of the lucky ones.

Q: Why did you say you were one of the lucky ones?

A: It took me some time to realize because the lifestyle I was living through my clients was sometimes getting for granted. I travel around the world all the time, meet new and interesting people everyday. Think how some people lived their entire life in one city they are only most familiar with their neighbourhood. But I go around the city, and in no time I know every fun place in town, have connections and networks with different places and people. I benefit from perks that you may never have heard of (for a list of perks, click here: http://blog.ask-pam.com/?p=341).

Q: In that case, do you even have time for private life? How do you combine both?

A: As concierges, you have a personal, flexible schedule, but also need to be flexible at all time, just in case. It is very hard to have a private life when you do that job. I believe that the best concierges do not have a private life or the job/passion becomes priority. It’s a personal opinion, but I would love to be able to combine both and I’m still working on that.

You can still decide how to get things done and where to get them done. It’s better than a lot of jobs with heavy, tedious and repetitive work loads, because we like to organize the requests we take and come with the best solution to solve them.

Q: Is it true that you don’t get paid much in your pockets?

A: Yes and no. I have been a concierge for different industry and it varies; From hotel, corporate, private, residential the salaries and the benefits goes from one extreme to the other.  Most of the time you’ll get discounts off almost  everything because we know everyone, which compensates a lot. But the average salary of a concierges remains around 40K yearly in the States. That tops the customer services industry. It is the best job in the world.

Q: In the busiest seasons where you have to deal with many requests, do you find humans intimidating or detestable?

A: Well, I will say a big YES. But I have a lot of empathy for those people. We as Concierges understand the frustration and it is our job to make you less frustrated. I want all my clients to be happy, at least around me. I see myself like a life saver, the most trusted person you could go to when needed, then the attitude or some clients at times becomes minor. As a concierge you have to know when to let go to always provide the most personalized solutions because we know what you need personally.

Q: Would you rather marry Denzel Washington or be a concierge?

A: A concierge. There are just too many things that makes me love my job. It’s became more than a job for me, it is a passion. A passion to make people happy, to make their lives easier and to help others. We know what’s best for one person and we give them that solution in seconds when it would’ve took them days. And think about all the interesting people you meet and places you go as a concierge, there’s just so much fun. And I thought he’s married.

But I wouldn’t refuse dinner with Denzel of course, I’ll even invite him in one of those “kept secret” restaurants in the city.